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The Last Stretch
One last run before real life starts.
Who: Shikamaru, Temari
What: Shikamaru shows Temari a few things. Temari punches him in the face. ... okay no not really, but that'd be hilarious.
Where: IDK on the way to a playground? We'll see.
When: After Temari's recent post.
Warnings: lol my writing is in the pits these days; just give me time and i'll get better... hopefully. :(

it'll be interesting, i swear.Collapse )
19th-Feb-2010 03:44 pm(no subject)
Who: Naruto/Sasuke
What: Redoing the first impression? idek man. they're practically divorced at this point. Naruto has the house and custody of the family dog.
When: February 19, noon-ish?
Warning: . . . I'm as unsure about Sasuke's stability as the dude himself. So.

He was sure that if he heard a distant, shrill cry in the distance then Sasuke was definitely near.Collapse )
17th-Feb-2010 04:01 pm - action log ; closed ; ongoing
[pose] countless lovers undercover.
Who: Ino and Suigetsu
What: When there's a handsy guy / who wants in your pants / WHO YOU GONNA CALL? / SUIGETSU.
Where: Apparently, in Shibuya.
When: Valentine's Day, after THIS call. (There's a link there when I get off work. Promise.)
Warnings: [action] style logging. Yes, I'm warning you for that. Matureish themes and probably swearing. Don't even ask me about sex. It's always a distinct possibility with these two.

Oh god, does this make him her knight in shark skin armor?Collapse )
14th-Feb-2010 01:50 pm(no subject)
those better not be antics
Who: Deidara and anyone! Open post!
What: He decides to celebrate singles awareness day by making everyone more aware of other things - like fireworks he's setting off. And possibly some larger explosions.
Where: Off school grounds, but not far from it.
When: About 10PM-ish, valentines day.
Warnings: Fireworks. Deidara cussisng and being himself. Probably some property damage.

Read more...Collapse )
Tired, Sad Tenny Ish Sad, Solemn, Helpless, *Pouts*
Who: Tenten and Naruto [Collaborative effort ♥]
What: Worried and acting on impulses, Naruto goes to China with Itoshii on tow in hopes of bringing Tenten back home.
Where: Cheungdu, Sichuan Providence, China
When: November 11th, afternoon
Warning(s): ...I don't know. Poorly translated Chinese? Of which I am so sorry for.
Note: Interactions approved by all muns involved. Because Naruto and Tenten probably have the majority of the logs in this comm.
Word count: 4589

There is beauty in the breaking...Collapse )
Shadows, Neutral, Blank, Unreadable
Who: Tenten and Neji
What: Tenten wants answers. Whether Neji gives them to her is up to him. But at least there's dinner~
When: The Wednesday after Naruto's... interesting party
Where: Neji's place
Warning(s): ...We'll see.

Cause every hello ends with a goodbye...Collapse )
Lighting Your Way, Goddess, You Thinkin' What I'm Thinkin'?, Pride
Who: Everyone Naruto knows.
What: Party for Blondie~ And coming in costume is encouraged!
When: October 10th... ish, evening/night
Where: Faculty Lounge at a certain boarding school
Warning(s): The usual warnings when people get shit-faced drunk.

Now dance, fucker, dance...Collapse )
The Love - She Is There ♥, Gentle, Maybe We Can Make This Work, Blush, Fond
Who: Tenten and Uchiha Itachi
What: Friends making with music?
Where: Music Department of the University
When: September 10th; early morning

Surely one more moment couldn't break my heart...Collapse )
Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?, Reflect, Daydream, Thought, Consideration
Who: Tenten, Zetsu, Anyone who wants to come... o-otherwise I'm RPing with myself. ;~; I-i'll give you muffins?
What: Martial Arts Expo
Where: Hibiya Park
When: Saturday, August 29; 10 AM - 6 PM
Note: Create individual threads/logs at your leisure. ♥

Say your prayers and stomp it out...Collapse )
3rd-Jan-2010 01:26 am(no subject)
Want to tell you how much I hate this
Who: Naruto & Neji
What: Something awkward After a week of trying to figure out the how's and why's Naruto drops by for a visit. Immediately following this post and followed by this log~
Where: That big place with the loft and the... Yeah. Hyuuga's apartment.
When: 11.1o.o9 [l-lol]

I came here for a few things and I don't quite know how to get through it all. But I got here. And brought my boo-boo. So you could kiss it better...Collapse )
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