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Who: Naruto/Sasuke
What: Redoing the first impression? idek man. they're practically divorced at this point. Naruto has the house and custody of the family dog.
When: February 19, noon-ish?
Warning: . . . I'm as unsure about Sasuke's stability as the dude himself. So.

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[pose] countless lovers undercover.

action log ; closed ; ongoing

Who: Ino and Suigetsu
What: When there's a handsy guy / who wants in your pants / WHO YOU GONNA CALL? / SUIGETSU.
Where: Apparently, in Shibuya.
When: Valentine's Day, after THIS call. (There's a link there when I get off work. Promise.)
Warnings: [action] style logging. Yes, I'm warning you for that. Matureish themes and probably swearing. Don't even ask me about sex. It's always a distinct possibility with these two.

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those better not be antics

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Who: Deidara and anyone! Open post!
What: He decides to celebrate singles awareness day by making everyone more aware of other things - like fireworks he's setting off. And possibly some larger explosions.
Where: Off school grounds, but not far from it.
When: About 10PM-ish, valentines day.
Warnings: Fireworks. Deidara cussisng and being himself. Probably some property damage.

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Tired, Sad Tenny Ish Sad, Solemn, Helpless, *Pouts*

[ Closed - Finished | Every tear falls down for a reason... ]

Who: Tenten and Naruto [Collaborative effort ♥]
What: Worried and acting on impulses, Naruto goes to China with Itoshii on tow in hopes of bringing Tenten back home.
Where: Cheungdu, Sichuan Providence, China
When: November 11th, afternoon
Warning(s): ...I don't know. Poorly translated Chinese? Of which I am so sorry for.
Note: Interactions approved by all muns involved. Because Naruto and Tenten probably have the majority of the logs in this comm.
Word count: 4589

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